Good things are coming!

“Who told you that your visit to the dentist must be a torture?”

 It has been sleepless nights, countless hours of discussion, gallons of coffee and, of course, a few laughs to finally understand that it is possible to have fun, even when you are visiting a dentist office!

By mixing our passion for dentistry with pleasant music, the right aroma, dedicated staff and competent professionals, your experience when visiting the dentist may be entirely different, and believe it, you will like it!

To make your experience even better, we decided to build up our practice from scratch, taking each step, analyzing every single detail to deliver to our patients a modern and different dentistry, using the most advanced technology to make you feel comfortable.

And so Minty Dental Studio was born! A new dental studio different from everything you had learned about dentistry.

Welcome! Make yourself at home. We are Minty Dental Studio.

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