Unilateral Crossbite.

Correcting it throughout the direct tracks method.

The crossbite is one of the most common occlusal alterations. It is an abnormal relationship between the buccal or lingual surfaces of the superior teeth and the inferior teeth when the arches are in centric relation and may be unilateral or bilateral.

Self-correction is rare, and it is believed that early diagnosis and treatment of a posterior crossbite can help to avoid bone base dystrophie, and future need for surgical intervention.

Early intervention during the deciduous dentition phase may allow avoidance of the formation of several structural deformities in permanent dentition.

Planas Direct Tracks technique was developed by Pedro Planas. It constitutes an effective way to correct dental or functional alterations in children during deciduous dentition and the beginning of mixed dentition. The tracks are built directly with composite resin on the deciduous teeth.

7 years old patient with Unilateral Crossbite

Planas Direct Tracks work by repositioning the mandible, thus preventing the establishment of morphological and positional asymmetries in young children and allowing a more symmetrical craniofacial development

Patient after application of direct tracks on the same appointment.

The case below was treated with Planas Direct Tracks. One single appointment was needed to correct the unilateral crossbite.

Planas Direct Tracks can be used to correct either posterior or anterior crossbite in the deciduous dentition, early crossbite treatment is important to achieve normal growth and development. If your beloved one has a crossbite, Minty Dental Studio can help you. Early intervention is the key to success. Call us at 754 225-1001 or click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Di Giorgio.