Your Occlusion can affect your posture

The masticatory system fulfills numerous functions. It does more than just execute the activities of mastication and deglutition. It also participates in speech, breathing, maintenance of posture, esthetic appearance and control of emotions and stress.

Dental occlusion affects body posture just as body posture affects dental occlusion because the mandible is an integral component of the posture system. Changes in the occlusion can cause immediate changes in postural muscle activity and head posture.
For example: The lateral mandibular shift may be a common cause of head tilt and scoliosis.

It is important to provide our patients with the best therapy, treating them as a whole and not just focusing in the oral cavity.

Minty Dental Team is moving along the road that leads to a total corporal analysis of our patients. It is important to communicate, and to treat our patients in a multi-disciplinary collaboration with other health care providers. We care for the overall health and well-being of our patients.

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