Tongue-tie and trouble in breastfeeding. What do you need to know?

Having trouble breastfeeding your newborn?

The reason could be a newborn tongue and/or lips are tied. Babies born with tongue-tie can’t move their tongues the way you’d expect.

What is a tongue tie?

Tongue tie is when the tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth is restricting his ability to move the tongue forward or up. We are all born with some of this tissue, but for some babies it is so tight that they cannot move their tongues properly. This can affect their ability to breastfeed, take a bottle or a pacifier.

Why are you having trouble breastfeeding?

Tongue-ties interfere with breastfeeding because the baby needs to be able to move his tongue to exert some pressure to extract the milk from the mom’s breast. If the motion is restricted, the baby won’t get enough milk.

Consequences of having a tongue or lips tie:

  • Some tongue-tied babies have difficulty drinking effectively from a bottle or using a pacifier
  • Digestion starts in the mouth, and so tongue ties can lead to digestive problems such as colic and reflux.
  • The restricted tongue movements can also cause problems with learning to speak clearly.
  • Tongue tie can affect the way teeth come in.
  • Lip ties may lead the two front teeth grow apart.
  • The mother may experience painful, bleeding nipples.

How the dentist can help with this situation?

The dentist will take a look and evaluate the case.  If the tongue-tie is diagnosed. It’s a simple office procedure. Tongue and lip ties can be released by laser. Lasers do not require anesthesia, so there is minimal bleeding and no risk of infection. After the procedure, the mother usually puts the baby to feed right away.

If you suspect that you baby has tongue-tie assessing early on is the key!! At Minty Dental Studio, we are worried about your well-being and your beloved ones.

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